At B&K IT SOLUTIONS we are not passive programmers waiting for a client or a project to engage in, but we are active, creating or participating in new IT Projects that will help bring solutions to, not only businesses, but to everyday life.

From since 1992, 4 years after Hurricane HUGO, Benjamin F. Boyrard and some friends form Universities in the Caribbean and in the USA worked on developing a "soft" computer model runned on a dedicated/private server using data input from various sources: buoys, ground weather stations, ships on seas, satellite data, to predict tropical cyclone intensity and track.
Over time, we have perfected the model, refined the equations, increase the processing power and many hundreds have congratulated the results over the internet and helping people save properties and mostly lives !

Use e-P Manager for hotels, hostels, apartments, villas or any other type of property. Rent all of your rooms, optimize your rates, print invoices and manage housekeeping, all from just one place ! Receive alerts, reminders and tips on how to prevent money lost and how to make more with your property

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